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December 1st - December 21st, 2023

"Through our (The People) endeavors, we have created systems with the aim of instilling order, fairness, and justice in society. Paradoxically, these systems often work against the people who conceived them. Our exhibition focuses on the critical issues of homelessness, the state of roads and infrastructure in Corpus Christi, and the consequences of water desalination. As we critically assess the systems we have put in place and rediscover our fundamental needs, we set out to repair what is broken"

TAMU-CC Graphic Design students (Lauren Burdette, Marlene De Leon, Christian Douglas, Soleil Day, Chris Gonzales, Jalil Hamauei, Meagan Mata, Kate Phelan, Caleb Prouty, Grace Prusha, Bobby Rivers, Nicole Sprencel, and Rachel Wood) created this exhibition under the direction of Associate Professor Andrea Hempstead, as part of their coursework for GRDS 3303, Design Experience + Awareness

Exhibition Gallery

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