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About The Gallery

K Space Contemporary (KSC) is a 501c3 non-profit arts organization dedicated to presenting and promoting contemporary art. As a forum for creative exchange, education, and experimentation, KSC builds awareness for innovative art in South Texas.


The “K” in our name refers to the building’s historic roots as a Kress Five & Dime Store. Established in 2001 by key members of K Space Art Studios, K Space Contemporary opened its current street-level location in 2007. To this day, we remain an artist-centric organization dedicated to providing a venue for emerging and mid-career artists to exhibit their work and further their careers.


Each year, KSC mounts 18-20 solo and group exhibitions in our three gallery galleries. Exhibitions are selected by our Exhibition Committee from proposals submitted by artists and curators. We welcome experimental, alternative works, unusual installations, and site-specific concepts.