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All Together Now by Chad Rea

March 1st - April 12th

"My artwork expresses the messy, ironic beauty of human experience. It combines social commentary with personal truths, inviting viewers into a space of presence and perspective that transcends right and wrong, emphasizing our similarities rather than our differences.

By juxtaposing vibrant, iconic imagery with cultural insights, I address the inequities of our world and encourage introspection, healing, and action. Often paradoxical in nature, my works draw from pop, street, folk, and punk aesthetics, transforming the world's pain and trauma into expressions of joy, connection, and hope.

Guided by my own healing journey, I hope my art inspires others to embrace their imperfect truths, realizing that everything advertising tries to sell is already present within us.

All Together Now is an invitation to enjoy the present moment with each other and reconnect with the parts of ourselves we often forget."

Exhibition Gallery

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