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Out of Character

By TAMU-CC Graphic Design 

Under the direction of Assistant Professor Andrea Hempstead and in collaboration with the Prevention and Education Team at The Purple Door, graphic design students from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi were asked to create awareness campaigns for a local partner, The Purple Door. Campaign goals centered around educating the public about the dangers of perpetuating harmful societal masculine norms and providing a way to open up communication in our community surrounding this topic. Part of this campaign includes awareness posters and augmented reality experiences that will be on display at K Space Contemporary, in downtown Corpus Christi, TX. 

This exhibit aims to educate the public on the ways that societal gender norms can harm people. By opening up the conversation around these norms, we hope to ask and answer: What harmful norms do you unknowingly perpetuate, and how can you help to stop them?


Exhibition typography was created and installed by Richard Solis.

Featuring student designers: Victoria Contreras, Amanda Espericueta, Colby Gregory, Cody Guerra, Sarah Hebel, Catherine Henke, Kylie Marchitello, Shaylee Patterson, Paige Presley, Hannah Ryan, Jacob Sazon, Tyler Schultz, Richard Solis, Alexandrea Stubbs, Azalia Valadez, and Sierra Vela.

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