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By Eric Cuevas
December 3rd-December 18th

Eric Cuevas’ Familiar is a series of oil paintings exploring topics surrounding the aging of a parent, personal space, family, love, and forgiveness. Cuevas renders his narrative with intent to attain emotional clemency for himself and his father. In hopes of trapping the dissonance and sealing that within the work, he allows the meditative ritual of painting to act as burning sage. These works seek to confront the nature of a discordant relationship and find the determination for reconciliation and understanding. 

Cuevas is a Corpus Christi native and practicing artist in a variety of media including print, painting, and drawing. His art explores personal narratives, and his recent body of work revolves around family, particularly examining the generational rift that exists between a baby boomer father and a millennial son. He is set to receive a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi this Fall 2021.

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