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March 4 - March 25, 2022

Clower Gallery

The Future of Architecture is a group exhibition of drawings, sketchbooks, and models by first- and second-year architecture students at Del Mar College who have studied with Brad Eilering, Assistant Professor of Architecture. Architecture is reflective of the time and culture of its creation. The architecture program at Del Mar College explores the future of our built environment through exploration of innovation, symbolism and construction technology.


Instructor Brad Eilering believes that the skills of architecture are best learned through making. Making should be reflective of critical thinking and the applied development of hands-on craftsmanship and digital representation. In addition, expression should be relevant to the times. Brad encourages creativity that frames our time and believes architecture has the responsibility to connect with humankind in a capacity to inspire, motivate and even question the content of our existence.

The Future of  Architecture

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